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2017-06-17 12:34 pm

Rare Pair Exchange 2017

Dear creator, thank you so much for this! I appreciate everything you'll do for everything. I have some specific prompts but you don't have to follow them and can go your own way if you have other ideas.

General likes: fluff, family fics, fix-it fics, wedding fic, pregnancy/baby fic, families of choice, angst, happy endings, post-series, AU

General dislikes: (Permanent) major character death, dub/non-con, character bashing, unhappy/sad endings

That '70s Show:


- Fix-it reconciliation fic set post season seven or the series finale is fine with me.
- After they reconcile, Hyde starts becoming more affectionate with Jackie in front of their friends and even surprises her when he tells her he loves her in public
- Their friends trying to fix their relationship "because they belong together"
- Edna and Bud unexpectedly return shortly after Hyde meets WB and Jackie confronts them.
- Jackie's pregnant (either after their break-up during season seven or season eight, to create angst, or post-series after they reconcile). How do they handle it? She thinks he won't want the baby and much angst ensues.



- Bryce surprisingly returns post-series and the three of them struggle with their feelings for each other.
- Maybe season two goes a different way with the triangle?
- Another post-series idea where they're together but a relationship is hard to navigate after Bryce's unexpected resurrection and Sarah's memory issues (most of them are back but not all)


- They're engaged and the fact that he's going to be Casey's son-in-law is freaking everyone out a bit


- Anything fluffy post-series



- Sam thinks he might have fallen in love with her when he was still Owen and is having a crisis about it
- They're both panicking because they want a relationship like Nikita and Michael but don't think it's possible


- Post-series, Nikita finds out she's pregnant and worries she won't be a good mom. Meanwhile, Michael is excited but the news of her pregnancy brings back his grief over his wife and daughter's deaths.

Teen Wolf:


- Stiles and Scott are having a hard time dealing with the fact that their parents (and Chris Argent) are together
- The three of them realizing they have feelings for each other
- The three of them struggling to adapt to this change in their relationship
- A surprise pregnancy for Melissa, maybe


- Melissa finds out she's pregnant, which throws her and Chris for a loop. Scott is freaking out a bit that he's going to share a sibling with Allison, his late ex-girlfriend
- Anything where they explore their relationship post 6A


- Scott and Malia are falling in love with each other but he's hesitant to do anything about it because he doesn't want to hurt Stiles. Malia takes matters in her own hands by going to her ex-boyfriend and talking to him about it.
- They're together in secret because they don't want anybody to know about them yet

Baby Daddy:

- Naming their son. I'm a little mad the show ended with him nameless and I want to see them come up with something