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Dear creator,

I'm thrilled you're going to write one of my prompts. You can use any of them or go in any direction you want.

General likes: Fluff/schmoop, angst, happy endings, family fic, found families, hurt/comfort

Dislikes: Dub/noncon, (permanent) character death, unhappy endings, OOC behavior

Agents of SHIELD:

Skye|Daisy Johnson/Grant Ward

- I just love Ward redemption so post-redemption Skyeward (either set post season 1, 2A, or even 2.19 is fine with me).

Also, fics that deal respectfully with the abuse that Ward suffered at Garrett's hands would be amazing to me (maybe Skye somehow figures it out in season one and tries to help?).

- Speaking of 2.19, I'd love a fic where after the phone call with Coulson, Skye finds Ward crying in his car.

- Post-redemption Ward is on a mission with the team and still determined to prove himself but he collapses unexpectedly - turns out he has a heart problem after Garrett forced Mike to shoot him with the heart-stopper thing on the Bus. This freaks out Skye, who had been content to ignore him up to this point.

- Framework fics. All the Framework fic is fine with me! Maybe we get a glimpse into Skye and Ward's life in the Framework (which is real) after the team leaves a mess in their wake. How does Skye deal with her new powers and the revelation that her boyfriend's SHIELD/part of the Resistance?

Or Framework!Ward (and Trip) come into the real world via the Looking Glass Project, and he and Skye/Daisy end up falling in love. Much angst ensues!

John Garrett & Grant Ward

- Anything where someone (SHIELD? The team? Grant himself?) figures out that Garrett is abusive and does something about it. I'd even be down for a fic where Grant turns on Garrett and kills him in season one.

John Garrett & Skye & Grant Ward

- Skye somehow figures out the truth and wants to kick Garrett's ass herself.
- Garrett wants Ward to kill Skye but he can't do it and turns on his abuser.

Leo Fitz & Jemma Simmons & Skye | Daisy Johnson & Grant Ward

- Fluff of any kind with Team Bus. Maybe season one, post-redemption, or post-Framework when Ward's somehow in the real world with memories intact. There's some awkwardness of course because nothing's quite like it used to be.

Grant Ward & Agents of SHIELD Team

- Post redemption or post-Framework works for me. It's an adjustment period to have Ward back on the team and everyone's struggling.

Buddy & Grant Ward

- Maybe Grant and Buddy are found by real SHIELD in the woods and are taken back to civilization before John Garrett can do any more damage than he already has.


- Fluff and/or hurt-comfort post-Framework. Maybe engagement or wedding fics?

Gilmore Girls:

Luke/Lorelai - Post-revival. Even though they have a grandchild on the way, Luke and Lorelai decide to go the surrogacy route after all. The road to parenthood (again) isn't easy but they're both excited about the upcoming birth.



- I love all the angst fics that deal with the timeline change.

- Fluff set after they get engaged in the series finale.


- Anything to deal with them and their kids as a family post-series. I'm here for fics with pregnant!Allison or Jenna calling him "Dad" for the first time. I'm a fan of fluff between them.

Legends of Tomorrow:


- Angst when hero!Leonard is somehow found (maybe after time gets fucked up at the end of season two) or he's resurrected in some way. Maybe they try to ignore their feelings?


- Anything where he goes back to her time with her.

- Nate gets Amaya pregnant (and either stays in his own time for maximum angst or goes with her) and thus, he's also a grandfather.



- Anything where she gets her memories back post-series finale and they raise their son together.

- Mourning Duke together once her memories do return


- AU where Jennifer's somehow resurrected and they're together when shit goes down in Haven

- They're reunited as ghosts and haunt Haven/fuck with Audrey and Nathan together

Grey's Anatomy:


- They reconcile! I don't care how it happens but I want fic where this happens.

- Being able to relax once the situation with her husband is resolved.


- I would love to see Nathan interacting with Meredith's kids since we barely ever see them

- Fluff of any kind!


- Reconciliation fic
- AU where Arizona never miscarried
- AU where they do decide to use a surrogate and don't divorce
- Arizona decides to get pregnant on her own and is surprised when Callie returns from New York (with Sofia) single.
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