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Hi! Thank you for agreeing to write my fic and I hope you like my prompts. I have a pretty good idea of what I like and my prompts are below.

General likes: Fluff, hurt/comfort, happy endings, family fics, found families, angst, humor

General dislikes: (Permament) character death, unhappy/sad endings, dub and noncon

Agents of SHIELD:

Skye|Daisy Johnson/Grant Ward

Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies - I'm sure some hilarity would ensue if this happens. Setting would be sometime in 2A, please, before he escapes SHIELD.

Accepting A Soulbond To Save The World - Again, the timeframe would be 2A or episodes 2.18 and 2.19. I'm sure there'd be lots of bickering but they have to find a way to work together to help save the world from some threat.

Pregnant From A Soulbond - Magical pregnancy? Dream sex? Who knows? I'm sure there'll be lots of angst because Ward would want to be involved but both are terrified about what this entails.

Soulbond Telepathy - So much angst ensues from this prompt. The timeframe I want for this is early season 1. Ward and Skye suddenly know everything about each other - he knows about her childhood in foster homes and the orphanage; she knows now that he's Hydra and that Garrett kidnapped, abused, and brainwashed him (something he himself is still unaware of). How do they handle all of this?

Soulbond Requires Physical Proximity - Needless to say, they don't want to be in the same room together but they have to be and they're not happy about it (at first)

Or you combine any of these together (although Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies and Accepting A Soulbond To Save The World cancel each other out, so those two are the only ones that wouldn't work together) and see what happens.

Other tropes where you can go wherever you want with them: Freaking Out About Soulbonding, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Refusing To Admit Your Each Other's Soulmates, Secret Soulbound, Soulbound Requires Regular Sex To Maintain, Soulmate Empathy



Pregnant From A Soulbond - There's a theory floating around Eve was conceived because Xena and Gabrielle soulbounded. What if happens again? Up to you which one of them gets pregnant this time around. How do they handle this? Do they finally give in to the fact that they're in love with each other?

Angel the Series:

Cordelia Chase/Angel:

Pregnant From A Soulbond - What happens when a half-demon and a vampire are soulbonded? They magically conceive a baby when they haven't even had sex yet (both of them complain endlessly about the no sex part). How does the team react?

Accepting A Soulbond To Save The World - Another apocalypse is upon them, and unfortunately, there's only one solution this time. Angel and Cordelia are both happy and sad about this.

Tropes you can go anywhere with: Accidentally Soulbonded With Realizing, Soulbond Telepathy, Unwilling Soulbound Reveals Pining, Soulbonded by Saving A Life


Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda

Soulbond Witchcraft, Soulbond Causes Shared Magical Powers, Soulbond Telepathy, Siblings Are Platonic Soulmates

Phoebe & Piper & Prue & Paige

Soulbond Witchcraft, Soulbound Causes Shared Magical Powers, Soulbond Telepathy


Soulmate Telepathy - They're not entirely sure when it happens but at some point, they start reading each other's minds and learn things about each other they've been trying to keep hidden (Leo's grief and guilt over Chris' death, Piper's feelings during the year they were separated, etc.)

Soulmates Share Dreams

Once Upon A Time


Their Soulmates Don't Believe In Soulmates - Season 1 Emma is a skeptic, and this is just one of many things she doesn't believe in. August tries to convince her otherwise.

For True Love's Kiss, that one's pretty self-explanatory.

The Good Place


Pregnant From A Soulbond - They may not be soulmates but they're soulbonded and not even death can stop this from happening. No one knows how it's possible and Michael's in crisis mode because resets don't even help after this.

Chidi & Eleanor & Jason & Tahani

Multiple Soulmates - The four of them are soulmates and family. It shouldn't be happening and Michael's freaking out because he fucked up so badly - they keep finding each other, no matter how many time he resets everything.

Soulmate Telepathy seems like it'd be fun for all of them and create chaos.


Sam and Dean

Soulbound Telepathy - So much angst ensues because they have so many issues - Sam and Dean both finally learn the truth about the voicemail and the amulet among other things.

Accidental Soulbound, Soulbond Causes Shared Magical Powers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Pregnant From A Soulbond - They are not happy when they discover that Buffy's pregnant post Something Blue - they never had sex and this was an unintended consequence of the spell.

Accepting A Soulbond To Save The World, Soulbond Requires Physical Proximity, Soulbond Requires Regular Sex To Maintain
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To whom it may concern, thank you for reading this and deciding to take on my prompts. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Listed below are my prompts. If you can't find any inspiration from these, that's fine with me and write whatever you want for my pairings.


Chris and Leo

- Anything where Leo figures out Chris’ true identity somehow. If possible, how this changes how things go down in season six would be fun to see.

- After they repair their relationship in season six, Leo discovers his son gets clingy when sick and suffering from a fever but doesn’t really mind at all.

- Chris regains his memories of the first timeline and is shocked to discover that his father completely fell apart after his death. I’d just love to see his reaction to finding out about everything that happened.


- I’ll take all kinds of fluff between them. Finding out she’s pregnant for the third time with Melinda (maybe weeks after their reunion in the series finale?) would be nice to see!

- I would also love some angst. I can’t stop thinking about the two of them grieving together for Chris in early season seven.

- I also imagine that Piper would be a bit traumatized after Leo was taken away from her again so they’re dealing with some issues relating to that after the series finale.

- Art: Blue and purple icons for Twitter and Tumblr, please

Prue and Paige

- Their first meeting! I desperately need this.

Phoebe, Piper, Prue, and Paige

- Anything with all four sisters interacting post-series is fine with me!


- These two seemed so in love, even after her death, and I can’t stop imagining a scenario where they sneak away for a quickie during one of their grandchildren’s Wiccanings. Or maybe something where they’re reunited for good after Victor’s death.

Piper/Leo & Wyatt & Chris & Melinda

- Slice of life fic is great with me! I’m also here for angst when Chris’ memories of the first timeline return and how he fits in now that everything’s changed.

Chris & Melinda

- Chris is an overprotective big brother, which drives Melinda up the wall. I’d also love something about their interactions following the return of his memories (sensing a pattern yet? LOL) because it has to throw him that he suddenly has a little sister.

Chris & Wyatt

- Chris with baby Wyatt in late season six! We didn’t get to see many moments between them post-revelation so I want all the fics about this.

Chris & Piper

- Piper catches her son at a vulnerable moment and comforts him when he needs it the most (maybe having something to do with her death?)

Full House:

Jesse & Pamela

- I’m sure she’s going to be a daddy’s girl so I’m here for anything between them.

Becky, Jesse, & Pamela

- Their first time meeting; their first night home with the baby


- Fluff, how they decided to name Pamela after his sister, just anything!

DJ & Stephanie & Michelle

- Michelle comes home and is surprised by the chaos that has become her sisters’ lives. I just want to see them interacting in the present day!

Girl Meets World

Katy/Shawn & Maya

- Fluff! All the fluff. Like maybe Katy’s pregnant and the two of them break the news to Maya.

Maya & Shawn

- Anything where she’s referred to by her new last name of Hunter and calls him Dad.


Charlie & Miles

- I’m game for anything where they discover that they’re actually father and daughter.

Life With Derek

- Casey/Derek admitting they’re in love with each other. Fluff and angst ensue. Maybe Derek comes to this conclusion first and freaks out about it?


Ziva/Tony & Tali
- Their interactions as a family. I need this in my life. Maybe they break the news to their daughter that she’s going to be a big sister just months after they reunite.

Tony and Tali

- What their relationship is like in those first weeks alone before finding Ziva.
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Title: Haunted
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Author: [personal profile] klutzygirl
Word Count: 813
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Maura, Jane, Maura/Jane
Disclaimer: I don't own Rizzoli and Isles and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Maura is there for Jane when the nightmares about Hoyt get to be too much.
Haunted )
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Title: A Mother Always Knows
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Author: [personal profile] klutzygirl
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Angela, Maura/Jane
Disclaimer: I don't own Rizzoli and Isles and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Spoilers: Up to Born To Run.
Summary: Angela knows about Maura and Jane's relationship, even though they're trying to hide it.
A Mother Always Knows )
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Title: Obvious
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Author: [personal profile] klutzygirl 
Word Count: 1,640
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Maura, Jane, Angela Rizzoli, Frankie Jr., Frost, Korsak, Maura/Jane
Disclaimer: I don't own Rizzoli and Isles and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Author's Note: Written for [info]hc_bingo prompt pining - confession in desperate situation.
Summary: It's completely obvious that Maura and Jane are in love with each... except to them. Then something happens that changes everything.

Obvious )
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Hi everyone! I just joined. I'm spuffy_girl over at LJ, and got an invite code for here.


How is everyone? 


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